Terry Brown & Gordon Stettinius : Mangini Studio


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According to the artists, this collection of photographed hairstyles was not originally intended to be disseminated, as the first image was conceived as a one-off piece. Gordon Stettinius, then a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, had given his students an assignment to create an edition of 16 images, which were collated into portfolios. Stettinius has always contributed to these class portfolios, decided to get a perm at a hair salon, and then visit a commercial photography studio to get a studio portrait. Thus an accidental collaboration was born. Terry Brown was the studio photographer at Mangini Studio at the time, and she wound up with the task of delivering a traditional studio shoot. Brown has been delivering the goods since, recording each hairstyle that Stettinius has put together. Seven years and nearly 50 studio portraits later, this project has been gathered in this extraordinary and witty volume.


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