Ojodepez: Premio PHE Ojodepez 2015


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The PHotoEspaña OjodePez Human Values Award recognizes, each year, a work of documentary photography that highlights the values of solidarity, ethics, justice or effort.
Christian Rodríguez (Uruguay, 1980) is the author of the award-winning story that heads this issue. The Uruguayan photographer shows the reality of domestic violence and teenage pregnancies in Latin America through his series Una flor mixe, which he shot in the Mixe community of Maluco, a small town north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca.

The Portfolio section includes a selection of images by photographers who have submitted their work to participate in the portfolio viewings organized by PHotoEspaña in Madrid (Descubrimientos) and Latin America (Trasatlántica). In this issue, OjodePez highlights the work of Emilio Nasser, who presents a report on the capital of Bolivia and the transformation processes the city is undergoing; Henry Moncrieff, with a project on the indigenous community living in the Ciudad Guayana landfill; Margarita Fractman, who reflects on the contrast between the immensity of nature and the solitude and alignment characteristic of the individual; and Mateo Perez Correa, who uses the landscape as a support for visual, political, social and cultural reflection.


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